Deformation: In Place was project gone wrong, but ended up being completely right. The images were created with a 4x5 large format camera, and foil was my model for this assignment. When taking close ups with this type of camera, you need to adjust your aperture settings to reflect the distance that you need from the extended lens to the exposed film. I forgot this and my images ended up being underexposed. Surprisingly, I felt this "mistake" captured the mood of the images that I wanted - naturally, without Photoshop.


I went on to continue using foil in a few on my other project during my time at St. Edward's. Inspired my the shapes it created with compression and the distorted reflection it gives. The stop-motion video below includes a song called "Night's Blood," by Ulf Lohmann of the album, "On Frozen Fields." Foil would be one of the larger influences in my illustrative work later on.